April 26, 2009

Water and Sound

Here are some interesting visualizations of sound vibrations creating patterns in water. These videos suggest that sound vibration deeply affects all living things.

Playing Synthesizer Through Water reveals complex wave patterns resembling snowflakes.

The following German video applies sound to a single water droplet to reveal how sound vibrations create form. Unfortunately, I don't understand German; but the visuals are interesting to watch. This is just 10 minutes of a 2-hour DVD available from www.wasserklangbilder.de.

In the next video, sine waves are applied to water from 300Hz down to 15Hz. The transformation in the surface of the water from one end of the scale to the other is profound.

Finally, here are two videos of water vibrating in Tibetan singing bowls. In the first video, the water becomes quite lively and seems to jump like popcorn popping, while in the second it reveals a more geometric shape.

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