April 22, 2009

The All Water Blog: All Water, All Ways

Hi there from The All Water Blog, freshly birthed and eager to meet you!

You might find yourself thinking, Why is this an ALL water blog and not just a water blog? Two reasons: 1) waterblog.blogspot.com was already taken, and 2) it's about looking at water from many different angles.

This a blog about your very first bath, your introduction to water. It's about listening to rain pound on the corrugated metal roof of a small house in a Mexican village. It's about thirst, and about how you feel when you turn on the faucet and brown water comes out (or no water comes out), and about how water is heavy and hard to carry, and about the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that hold fast together all around you as you swim laps to burn off the cookies you ate at work. It's about arctic glacier melt (of course), depleted aquifers, dams, water wars, polluted oceans and waterways, and water conservation and technology. It's about how we relate to water, how we use it and abuse it, how we appreciate and value it, how we represent water and our relationship to water in the arts.

My intention is for this blog to be more than a place for me to post random thoughts and interesting news items. I hope it will become a water salon of sorts, a place to gather and share observations and ideas about an extraordinarily beautiful chemical substance that is essential for all living things.

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